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Dr. Shailen B Modi


Shruti ENT Hospital had embarked in 1994 at the prime location of Maninagar area in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state. It has expanded today in approximately 800 sq.ft to 1500 sq. ft including carpet area. Since initial stage I have been taking all the minor and major surgeries of ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) field. I have a team of plastic surgeon and cancer surgeon to operate head & neck surgeries and nasal plastic surgery ( Rhinoplasty) as well. I was operating two branches simultaneously until 2012. Meanwhile I have modernized hospital with all the advance and upgraded working skills and instruments.

By the year 2012 Shruti ENT Hospital had become extremely advanced and upgraded by all the latest technologies. Hospital has each kind of advance amenities including sound proof Audiometry room along with full time available Audiologist, Assistant doctors for the comfort and contentment of patients. Entire hospital is centralized air conditioned with oxygen pipeline for OT (Operation Theatre) and LED over light dome in both OT. Epoxy joint less floor in OT for least chance of infection. Hospital is organized in such a way where maximum sunlight that can be utilized. Concept of examination and consultation of patient has enhanced with head mirror, bull’s light for direct Endoscopic examination. Hence, patient as well as relative can watch live examination and understand the diseases and process of treatment. We publish patient education leaflet for ENT related diseases. For FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). We also make customized surgery and consultation videos also, which are available in local language in Hindi and English. -Dr.Shailen Modi